Level365 CRM Connect Lite Installation

This free Google Chrome plug-in offers database-driven screen pops using APIs for popular applications such as Salesforce, Zendek, Netsuite, RedTail, and more. The plug-in also recognizes any phone number presented in Google Chrome and transforms it into a clickable link for seamless click-to-dial.

To begin installation, navigate to the Chrome Web Store.

In the search bar, enter "Level365" and search.

Next to the Level365 Connect Lite extension, click the Add to Chrome button.

In the resulting pop-up, click Add extension.

Once the extension has been installed, click the icon that appears next to the omnibox, and enter your Portal credentials.

Once logged in, ensure the Screen Pops toggle is set to on, and select the integration you wish to use, if desired.

From this panel you can also dial out to any devices your current answering rules are set to ring. This includes forwards and multiple devices.



In the call history section, you can view recent calls, and search your selected integration for the number by clicking the pop-out icon.

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