Phone Number Treatments

A treatment is an action that is applied to an incoming call.  The treatment is applied per phone number, so multiple numbers can perform different actions.  There are quite a few treatments available for inbound phone numbers.

Available Number - an unassigned telephone number.
User - routes to a user specified.
Conference - routes to a conference bridge specified.
Call Queue - routes to a specified call queue.
Auto Attendant - routes to a specified auto attendant.
Voicemail - routes to the specified user’s voicemail box.
SIP Trunk - routes to a specified SIP trunk.


Available Number

Available numbers are numbers that have been assigned to your account, but have not been assigned a specific function.  



The User treatment routes a number directly to a user.  Typically, this is used with DIDs assigned to specific users versus a general business number. 



The Conference treatment routes a number directly to a conference bridge. 


Call Queue

The Call Queue treatment routes a number to a Call Queue.  Call Queues include a traditional First Available call queue as well as Hunt Groups, where the call will ring a group of people at the same time. 


Auto Attendant

The Auto Attendant treatment routes a number directly to an Auto Attendant, where a user can then select options from the Auto Attendant.



The Voicemail treatment routes a number directly to a specified users' voicemail.


SIP Trunk

The SIP Trunk treatment routes a number to a SIP trunk, if one is defined for your organization.  


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