Routing DIDs Using Timeframes

Routing calls during certain times is possible at the DID level by enabling time frames within the DID interface. This requires a valid time frame to be set up. For more information, see the Time Frames knowledge base article.

Start by browsing to the Portal at and logging in with your Portal credentials. Click Manage Organization at the top of the page if present.

Click the Inventory button in the navigation bar and select the DID to apply Time Frames to.

Click the Enable Time Frames slider.

In the resulting interface, select the Time Frame to assign and click the green plus sign to add a row to the routing table.

Select a treatment and a destination for the Time Frame and click Save.

Calls will be routed based on the treatment selected.

  • User: Calls will route directly to this extension. User can be used to send calls to Auto Attendants and Call Queues and allows for answering rules to take effect.
  • Call Queue: Calls will route directly to the specified Call Queue.
  • Voicemail: Calls will route directly to the specified account's Voicemail.
  • Auto Attendant: Calls will route directly to the specified Auto Attendant.
  • SIP Trunk: Calls will route directly to the specified SIP Trunk.
  • PSTN Number: Calls will be forwarded to another DID. This is usually an external off-net number, like a cell phone, but can be used to forward to an internal DID as well.


You can drag and drop the Time Frames to rearrange them. The highest Time Frame will take priority when the time matches.

















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