Call Recording

If you are not sure if call recording is enabled for your organization, please contact Level365 to check if call recording is enabled for your account.


To listen to call recordings, first login to the Level365 Web App with your Office Manager or Call Center Supervisor account.

Navigate to Call History by clicking the icon in the menu bar at the top right.


You can visually scan the Call History for your recorded call or use the Filters button to narrow your search.

The indicator for if a call was recorded, will be the speaker icon on the far right. When you hover over the speaker icon, it will be clickable and an info bubble Listen will pop up.


To listen to the call in your browser, click the Listen button. A play bar will appear.


To download a call recording, click the Download button.


When selecting the Filters button a box will pop up allowing you narrow down your search. You can search by date range, specific user, Department, Site, Caller Number, Dialed Number and call type. You can use multiple options at the same time. Once you have all of your variables in place, click Filter.




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