Call Recording

Please contact Level365 to make sure you have call recording enabled for your account. To listen to the call recordings Login with your credentials.  

Next, navigate to Call History buy clicking the icon at the top right

You can either visually scan the Call History for your recorded call or use the Filters Icon to narrow your search.  

You can see that a call was recorded when you mouse over the speaker icon, where it says 'Listen'.

Now just click 'Listen' to hear the recorded call.

You can click Filters to expand or narrow the call recording search parameters.

Once in Filters, search by date range, caller number, dialed number and/or whether it was an inbound, outbound or missed call.

Here you can choose to filter by date range, caller number, Dialed number and/or whether it was an Inbound, outbound or missed call.

Click Set filters to save your settings.

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