Dial by Name Directory/ Company Directory

An auto attendant feature that allows callers to contact employees by knowing their name. The directory is set up by your company and can include the first or last name of all employees. When the caller specifies the first or last name of a person they are trying to reach, the directory confirms the name and connects the caller to that person automatically.

The company directory is populated when each individual records their voicemail name greeting.  One is prompted to record their name greeting the first time they log into their voice mail box.  


If you ever hear reports that your company directory is blank for anyone, this means that someone neglected to record their voice mail name greeting.  

To do this, please have the person log into their voice mail box, if it is their first time doing so, it will prompt them to record their name.  If they skipped recording their name the first time they logged in, they can record their name by selecting option 5 then option 2 from the voice mail tree.


A quick guide to accessing one's voice mail can be found here.

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