Utilizing Multi-factor Authentication

As an added layer of security, you can now use Multi-factor Authentication when logging in to the portal. This will require the use of Google Authenticator app, available for both iOS and Android in their respective app stores.

Using Single Sign On will bypass Multi-Factor Authentication and will instead use the Multi-Factor Authentication built in to the SSO account.

Start by logging in to the Portal at app.level365.com. Once logged in, click your account name in the upper right corner, then click Profile in the resulting drop-down.

Scroll down to the Change Account Security section and click Set Up Google Authenticator.

If you have not already, you will need to install the Google Authenticator app at this point.

Launch the app and click the plus symbol to add an account and select the QR code option.

Scan the QR code shown on screen with the app.

Before entering the code given to you by the Authenticator app, enter your password in the current password field. (This will avoid using an expired code and is necessary to change anything in the Account Security section)

Enter the code from the app into the Passcode field and click Save.


Once this process is complete, you will be presented with an extra screen upon logging in to the Portal. You will need to get a new code from the Authenticator app when presented with this screen.

You can disable Multi-factor Authentication at any time by going back into the profile page and clicking the red X next to Multi-Factor Authentication, then enter your password into the Current Password field and click Save.

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