Using Single Sign On (SSO)

You can now utilize your Google or Office 365 account to log in to various Level365 apps. For this feature to work, you must have an email address in your user account that is administered via Gmail or Office 365.

Level365 needs to enable SSO for your Domain. If the following article does not work, please contact Support.

Using SSO will bypass Multi-Factor Authentication and will instead use the Multi-Factor Authentication built in to the SSO account.

Signing in to the Portal with SSO

Start by navigating to the Portal at Click the appropriate selection based on your email client.

In the resulting pop up, enter your login information and click Next.

Enter your password and click Next.

If you have two-factor authentication set up, you will now be prompted for that information.

Enter the verification code received (if necessary) and click Next.

If there are multiple accounts with your email associated, the system will now ask you to select which to log in to. Select the account to login to (if prompted) and click Continue.

You will now be logged in to the selected (or default) account.

Signing in to Mobile Connect with SSO

On the login page for Mobile Connect, select the appropriate SSO option depending on what you have set up.

Enter your login information for your Google or Office 365 account. Mobile Connect will then log in to any associated Level365 account.

Unsupported SSO Applications

Currently the only supported SSO applications are the Manager Portal and Mobile Connect.


Unsupported applications include:

  • CRM Connect Lite
  • CRM Connect Pro
  • Tenfold CRM integration
  • Softphone Pro
  • 3rd Party Softphone Applications
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