Video Collaboration Features

Video Collaboration is teleconferencing software provided by Level365 with many useful features. The following will outline the features and how to get the most value out of them.

Scheduled Meetings

Video Collaboration can schedule meetings in advance, and recur as desired. For more information, see the Scheduling Meetings in Video Collaboration article.


Webinars default to a broadcast format when creating settings and allow for a maximum of 200 viewers. Control of the presentation can be passed among the Hosts and Presenters. More detailed information can be found in the Hosting Webinars in Video Collaboration article.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms are static meetings that are always present and available. This is ideal for ongoing collaboration on a project that users can easily join or exit. For more information on Meeting Rooms, see the Meeting Rooms in Video Collaboration article.

Recording Meetings

To record meetings for later viewing, ensure the Record Meeting checkbox is checked when starting the meeting. You will see confirmation that the meeting is recording in the upper-right corner.

To view and download recorded meetings, select View Past Meetings from the main menu.

Select the meeting to view, and choose either Play or Download. Allow the system a bit of time to process the recording prior to downloading.

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