Scheduling Meetings in Video Collaboration

You can schedule meetings in advance by clicking Schedule A Meeting from the home screen upon login. This will allow you to set a time and date for a meeting in the future, send out invites in advance, and make recurring meetings.

Select from the following options:

  1. Initial date of the meeting.
  2. Recurrence settings. Choose from the following:
    1. Does not recur
    2. Daily
    3. Weekly
    4. Monthly
    5. Yearly
  3. Recurrence end date.
  4. Options for the meeting, as detailed below.
    1. Enable chat: Enables or disables chat for the meeting/presentation
    2. Hosts can edit meeting: Enables or disables the ability for hosts to edit the meeting after it has been created.
    3. Hide viewer list and count:  Toggles the viewers list pane.
    4. Require invitation or registration to join: Requires participants/viewers to be invited/registered to join the meeting.
    5. Wait for host: Meeting will not start without the host if this option is enabled.
    6. Record meeting: Records the meeting for later viewing/downloading.
    7. Require passcode: Checking this option will reveal a passcode field. Enter a code there, and participants/viewers will need that code to join the meeting/webinar.

After the meeting has been configured, click Save.

Meetings will be displayed in the Meetings pane, including upcoming meetings.

The meeting will show a Join button when the meeting is about to begin.


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