Hosting Webinars in Video Collaboration

To host a Webinar, select the Webinar radio button when creating a meeting. This will allow for a maximum of 200 viewers and allows the host and presenters to pass control of video and audio feed. Presenters can be designated when inviting to the meeting, or after the meeting has been formed.

Select from the following options:

  1. Enable chat: Enables or disables chat for the meeting/presentation
  2. Hosts can edit meeting: Enables or disables the ability for hosts to edit the meeting after it has been created.
  3. Hide viewer list and count:  Toggles the viewers list pane.
  4. Require invitation or registration to join: Requires participants/viewers to be invited/registered to join the meeting.
  5. Wait for host: Meeting will not start without the host if this option is enabled.
  6. Record meeting: Records the meeting for later viewing/downloading.
  7. Require passcode: Checking this option will reveal a passcode field. Enter a code there, and participants/viewers will need that code to join the meeting/webinar.

When the options are configured. click Next.

Choose what participants will be able to see and click Join.

To pass control of the presentation, open the Participants pane, click the icon to the right of the presenter, then select Transfer Screenshare. From this menu you can also change viewers to presenters and kick participants from the webinar.

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