Level365 UC QoS Test

Our network assessment is designed to simulate voice calls over your network connection. This on-demand test is a snapshot of what is currently occurring on your connection at the time of the test. We recommend running this test a few times and during different time frames - morning, afternoon, and any peak times where there may be higher internet usage.

Please note this test requires downloading and installing our testing software. This software allows us to perform bidirectional testing for the most accurate results possible. If you do not have administrator rights on your device, you may not be able to install and run the testing program.

Click Here to access the Level365 Network Assessment page (https://qos.level365.com/).


  1. It is recommended to run this test on a wired network connection.
  2. Select the icon to download the testing software 
    • Open and run the downloaded file (thebcs.exe or bcs_service.exe).
  3. Select the location nearest to you
  4. Choose the desired number of calls to simulate
  5. Click Start Test

The test will start with the following screen. Please allow a few minutes for the testing to complete.


Once completed the following results will be displayed. If you have any questions or would like your results reviewed further, please note your Session ID (ex: RVT_VWLL_8440).




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