Button Builder Guide for Basic Users

Button Builder is a self-service module allowing end users to quickly customize the buttons on their phones, streamlining the process of creating shortcuts and customizing phone configurations. This article will demonstrate how to access and utilize Button Builder from a Non-Office Manager perspective.

To view the Office Manager Guide go here: Button Builder Guide for Office Managers

Button Builder is only accessible to Site and Office Managers by default. If you need this feature enabled for all accounts, please reach out to Level365 Support.


Accessing Button Builder

Start by browsing to the Level365 Web App by going to https://app.level365.com and logging in with your credentials.

Click the Phones button at the top of the screen.

Click the cogwheel button on the right of the phone to be edited.


Button Builder Interface

Upon clicking the cogwheel you will be presented with the following interface:

Some details may be different depending on the model of phone being used.

Start by clicking the line of the button number that corresponds with the button you wish to edit. Some buttons may be locked and cannot be modified.

You will be presented with some options:

  • User (BLF): Shows another user and has a status light. The person selected will display solid red when they are on an active call or in DND (do not disturb), blinking red when a call is ringing, and green when they are not on a call. This button type will also transfer calls and pickup ringing calls from another extension.
  • Call Park: Parks a call to the selected Call Park. Pressing without an active call will attempt to retrieve a call from the Park.
  • Speed Dial: Dials the entered phone number.
  • Queue Toggle: Toggles the active queue status for the user (log in/logout). This will toggle all queues a user is a member of.
  • Timeframe Toggle: Toggles the active status of the selected Timeframe. This is used to toggle answering rules on your own or a different account.
  • Move My Call: Switches the user's active call to this phone from another phone such as a mobile app.

User (BLF)s are the most commonly used button since they are the most versatile and combine many functions into a single button.

You can create custom labels for each field to display what you wish on the buttons.

When you have multiple buttons configured, you can easily re-arrange them via drag and drop. To do this, click and hold the numbered part of the button and then drag the button to the desired spot.

When you are finished configuring buttons, click the up arrow next to the Save button and select Save and Resync. This will immediately update your phone with the new buttons. Some phone models may reboot automatically.



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