Polycom Phone Use Guide

Level365 provides several options to help you use your new Polycom phone including videos and a printable guide.

This section contains step-by-step instructions on how to use the most common functions of your phone such as placing a call, answering a call, transferring a call, parking a call, and more. 



Placing a Call

Do one of the following:

  • Pick up the handset, press the Speakerphone or Headset key, enter the phone number, and press Send
  • Enter the phone number or extension, and pick up the handset, or press the Speakerphone or Headset key. 
  • Select New Call, enter the phone number, and press Send.


Answering a Call

Do one of the following:

  • To answer with the speakerphone, press the Speakerphone key or Answer soft key. 
  • To answer with the handset, pick up the handset. 
  • To answer with a headset, press the Headset key. 


Ending a Call

To end an active call:

  • Replace the handset in the cradle, press the Speakerphone or Headset  key, or press the End Call soft key. 


To end a held call:

  1. Highlight the held call and press Resume
  2. Press End Call


Call Hold

You can have multiple calls on hold at any time. 

  • Press the Hold key or select Hold during a call.


Call Resume

You can view or resume a held call at any time.

  1. Press the Hold key again, corresponding line key or Resume. If multiple calls are placed on hold, select the desired call first.


Conference Call

To initiate a conference call:

  1. Call a contact. 
  2. Press the More soft key and select Conference. The active call is placed on hold.
  3. Call your next contact. 
  4. When your contact answers, press the More soft key and select Conference


To join two active calls into a conference call:

  • On the Calls screen, press the More soft key and select Join. 

You can initiate a conference call with up to 3 participants including yourself. More than 3 participants in a conference will require a Conference Bridge.

Call Transfer

 To transfer a call:

  1. During a call do one of the following:
    • Press the Transfer soft key to do a consultative transfer 
    • Press and hold the Transfer soft key to do a blind transfer.
  2. Dial a number or choose a contact. If you chose Blind, the call is transferred immediately.
  3. If you choose Consultative, press the Transfer soft key after speaking with your contact. 


Home Screen

The Home Screen displays messages, settings, and information. Available at any time. 

To access the home screen, press the Home button.



To listen to voicemail:

  • Press the Messages button and pick up the handset. 
  • Follow the voice prompts. 

To listen to voicemail from Home Screen:

  1. Select Messages. 
  2. Select Message Center > Select. 
  3. Follow the prompts. 

When you have new voicemail messages, the messages icon displays on your line.

View Recent Calls

To view recently placed, received, or missed calls:

  1. Press the Home key.
  2. Select Directories from the home menu.
  3. Select Recent Calls.

To quickly access your missed calls, press the down arrow on the idle screen.

Contact Directory

To view the contact directory:

  1. Press the Home key.
  2. Select Directories.
  3. Select Contact Directory.


Parking a Call

Parking places a call “on hold” on a virtual line that can be retrieved from any phone within the system:

  1. While on an active call, press the designated park line button on your phone. Once you park a call, the park line button should illuminate in red. 
  2. Anyone within your organization can now retrieve the parked call by pressing the designated call park line button, or by dialing the extension of the parked call. 


Enable Do Not Disturb

To enable or disable Do Not Disturb:

  • On the Home Screen, select DND


Support Videos

For additional support, watch short, instructional videos for using your phone.


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