Yealink Phone Use Guide

Level365 provides several options to help you use your new Yealink phone including videos and a printable guide.

This section contains step-by-step instructions on how to use the most common functions of your phone such as placing a call, answering a call, transferring a call, parking a call, and more.

Call Handling

Placing a Call

  1. Enter phone number or extension.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Pick up the handset
    • Press the SPEAKERPHONE key
    • Press the HEADSET key

There is no need to dial any additional numbers for an outside line. All you need to do is dial the ten digital phone number, for example, 317-810-0024, to place a call.

Answering a Call

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Pick up the handset.
    • Press the SPEAKERPHONE key.
    • Press the HEADSET key.
    • Press Answer or the line key that has the flashing green LED indicator.

Ending a Call

  1. Do one of the following:
    • If you are using the handset, press the CANCEL key, End Call, or hang up the handset.
    • If you are using the headset, press the CANCEL key or End Call.
    • If you are using the speakerphone, press the CANCEL key, SPEAKERPHONE key, or End Call.

You can press the HEADSET key to end calls. Check with your system administrator to find out if it is available on your phone.

Call Hold

You can place an active call on hold on your phone.

  1. Press the HOLD key or select Hold during a call.

When you have multiple calls on the phone, and the current call is held, you can press the corresponding line key to swap to the active call. The phone will beep softly every 30 seconds to remind you that you still have a call on hold.

Call Resume

You can view and resume a held call on the phone.

  1. Press the HOLD key again, corresponding line key or Resume. (If multiple calls are placed on hold, select the desired call first.)

When you have multiple calls on the phone, and the current call is active, you can select Swap to swap to the held call.

Conference Call

  1. Place a call to the first party.
  2. Select Conference to place a new call. (The active call is placed on hold.)
  3. Dial the second party’s number. (You can also select the desired contact from the search list, or select a contact from the placed call list or Directory before you enter the number.)
  4. When the second party answers the call, select Conference to add the second party to the conference call.

Call Mute and Unmute

When you are in a call, you can mute the audio to hear the other person, but they cannot hear you.

  1. Press the MUTE key during a call. (The mute key LED glows red on most phones.)
  2. Press the MUTE key again to unmute the call. (The mute key LED goes out on most phones.

You can also mute the microphone while the phone is dialing or ringing so that the other party cannot hear you when the call is set up.

Parking a Call

Parking places a call “on hold” on a virtual line that can be retrieved from any phone within the system.

  1. While on an active call, press the designated park line button on your phone. Once you park a call, the park line button should illuminate in red.
  2. Anyone within your organization can now retrieve the parked call by pressing the designed call park line button or by dialing the extension of the parked call.

The park line extensions are typically 700 and 701.

If you do not have park line buttons programmed on your phone, please contact Level365 Support .


The phone keeps a record of all the placed calls. You can recall the contact you recently called.

  1. Press the REDIAL key. (A record of Placed Calls is displayed on the phone screen.)
  2. Highlight the desired record, then select Send.

Transferring Calls

Attended Transfer

An Attended Transfer gives you the ability to announce the call prior to transferring the call.

  1. Press the Transfer key during a call.
  2. Enter the phone number or extension you want to transfer to and wait for the call to connect.
  3. Once the call connects, you will now be on a private call with the person you are going to transfer the call to announce who you are transferring.
  4. Press the Transfer key again.

If you get the voicemail message for the person you are attempting to transfer the call to, you can still press the Transfer key to send the call to voicemail.

Blind Transfer

A Blind Transfer is when you transfer a call without first announcing the call to the person to whom you are transferring the call to.

  1. Press the Transfer key during a call.
  2. Enter the phone number or extension you want to transfer to.
  3. Press the Transfer key again.

Transfer Directly to Voicemail 

You can transfer a call directly to voicemail when dialing an internal extension only. 

  1. Press the Transfer key during a call.
  2. Press “99” + the extension number.

Press the Transfer key again. The call will be sent directly to voicemail.

LCD Screen with Soft Keys

The LCD Screen has Soft Keys that change based on how you are using your phone. One would see the graphic below when on an active call.

  1. Park Lines 
  2. Extension Number
  3. Soft Keys
  4. Speed Dials
  5. Page Icons
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