Parking a Call

Call Parking is a feature that allows a caller to be put on hold and any phone in your office can then retrieve this call.  When a call is parked, the caller will hear your company's hold music.  To adjust your company's hold music, please refer to this knowledge base article: Customizing Hold Music.


In order to park a call, you will need a currently active phone call.

Press the designated park line button on your phone. This will place the call in park. The park line button will illuminate red indicating a call has been parked. Typically the park line button is 700 and 701 located in the upper left-hand corner of your phone. 

Once the call is parked anyone can pick that call up by either pressing a preprogrammed park button (the call will be illuminated in red), or by dialing the park line number and pressing send.

If you do not have park line buttons programmed on your phone, please contact Level365 Support.

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