911 Address

Our platform allows a user to have different outbound CallerID numbers and 911 numbers.  This simplifies the 911 process and minimizes costs by limiting 911 listings to the number needed.  

The address on file with the 911 listings can be verified and changed by any account with the Office Manager role or higher.  

Using 933 to Verify Emergency Address

When calling emergency services, address information is sent that is tied to the phone number that shows in the caller ID. This ensures first responders and emergency crews can quickly get to people in need. It is imperative that the address on file is correct for this reason.

 To verify what address is tied to your outpulsed caller ID number, you can call 933 from any phone and reach an automated verification service. This service will confirm your outpulsed emergency caller ID number and address, and confirm that your 911 service is active.

Do NOT call 911 to test!

Managing 911 Addresses

Log in to the portal and navigate to the Inventory page.

Navigate to the 911 Numbers sub-tab.

Your 911-listed numbers will be shown here.  If you have a single location, you may only have a single number listed.  If you have multiple locations or remote users, you may have several numbers listed here.  This view also shows the Status of the listing and how many users are using this 911 number.

Clicking on either the number or the Edit (pencil) icon on the right will allow you to view and change the address listed with 911.  

If any changes are made, the Save button with change to a Validate button, which will force the system to validate that the address you entered is recognized as a valid address by the 911 system.

Manage User 911 Assignment

To manage the 911 number used by a particular user, navigate to the Users Tab and click on the user in question.

Under Caller ID Information, you will see a Caller ID drop-down as well as a 911 Caller ID drop-down.  You can verify the 911 Caller ID for the user, or change the 911 Caller ID that represents the location the user is at.

Additional Help

If you need additional help, or have any questions at all pertaining to 911 services, please reach out to support at https://support.level365.com so they may ensure that your system is properly configured in case of an emergency.

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