Using 933 to Verify Emergency Address

DO NOT CALL 911 to test!

When calling emergency services, address information is sent that is tied to the phone number that shows in the caller ID. This ensures first responders and emergency crews can quickly get to people in need. It is imperative that the address on file is correct for this reason.


To verify what address is tied to your outpulsed caller ID number, you can call 933 from any phone and reach an automated verification service. This service will confirm your outpulsed emergency caller ID number and address, and confirm that your 911 service is active.

To verify what address is tied to your outpulsed Caller ID number, follow these steps:

  1. Dial 933 from your Level365 phone.
  2. Listen to the address on record from the automated verification service.
  3. If the address is correct, no further action is needed. If the address is not accurate, fill out an online support request and our Support team will get back to you.

If your company moves office locations or staff move between various office locations, E911 information will need to be updated for those users by contacting Support.

For more information about E911 Services from Level365, see the Level365 UCaaS E911 Limitations.

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Have more questions? Submit a request