Level365 Softphone for Android

Welcome to the User Guide for your Android Level365 Softphone. This guide is designed to help you use your Mobile App effectively and get the most out of its features. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions to using your Mobile App to make and receive calls, access voicemail, and more.

At this time Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) must be disabled for your first login, after you login MFA can be enabled again.

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To ensure your Desktop Softphone and/or Mobile App receives incoming calls, we recommend using Simultaneous Ring (Sim Ring) in your Answering Rules. This ring strategy sends calls to all of your devices to give you the flexibility to answer a call from any of your devices. By default Sim Ring is enabled. To learn more about Answering Rules click on the article below:

Answering Rules - Call Forwarding, Simultaneous Ring (Sim Ring), Just Ring Extension


Installation Instructions

Go to Google Play Store and search for Level365 Softphone. Ensure Level365 is the Owner and matches our logo.

  1. Click Level365 Softphone
  2. Click Install
Login Instructions

In order to login you will need the following:

  • Portal Username (example: 123@company.com)
  • Portal Password

After entering in the above login credentials click Sign in.

Upon first login you will be prompted to Allow or Decline permissions. For the Mobile App to properly work we require Microphone and Phone permission be Allowed.

Contacts: This will allow you to view your contacts from your mobile phone within the Mobile App. This permission can easily be Enabled or Disabled at anytime.

Navigation Bar

In this section we will give an overview of each button on the Navigation Bar.

  1. Name
    • Green means your Mobile App is connected to Level365. Selecting your name allows you to toggle Do Not Disturb (DND) and also shows you the quantity of voicemails in your voicemail box.
  2. Settings (Three Dots)
    • Each section has its own Settings, these options will change based on which button you select from the Navigation Bar.
  3. Keypad
    • Place calls or call into your voicemail box via the voicemail indicator button.
  4. Quickdial (Speed Dials and BLFs (Busy Lamp Fields))
    • Add or edit Speed Dials / BLFs for your Mobile App.
  5. History
    • View your Mobile App call history.
  6. Contacts
    • View your Portal Contacts and Mobile Phone contacts (if permissions were granted).
  7. Messages
    • Send and receive chat and text messages.
  8. Voicemail
    • Access your Voicemail, Voicemail Settings and Answering Rules.

1. Name

Select your name to Enable or Disable Do Not Disturb (DND), view a visual indicator of how many voicemails you have in your New/Saved folder (first digit for New and second digit for Saved folder) and check Mobile App registration to Level365.

To prevent your Mobile App from ringing, you may enable DND or ensure the answering rules on your account are not configured to ring all devices.

Do Not Disturb is only active for your Mobile App and will not affect your other devices.

2. Settings

Each button you select on the Navigation Bar of your Mobile App will have 3 dots to access various settings, the options will change depending on the section you are currently viewing.

3. Keypad

To place a call, enter the full 10 digit number or extension then click the Call button. The Keypad will only change if you have a voicemail, in these cases you will see (#2) shows the Voicemail Indicator icon. The Voicemail Indicator icon will disappear from the Keypad once you move any New voicemail to your Saved or Trash folder.

  1. Call button to initiate a call
  2. Voicemail Indicator button to call into your voicemail box

4. Quickdial (Speed Dials and BLFs (Busy Lamp Fields))

View and edit your Speed Dials / BLFs (Busy Lamp Fields) on your Mobile App. You can create new Speed Dials and BLFs by clicking on the green icon with + in the bottom right corner.

  • To create a Speed Dial type in a name in the Title, the full 10 digit number or extension, and click the check mark in the top right corner to Save.
  • To create a BLF type in a name in the Title, a valid extension in the Phone Number and toggle Busy Lamp Field to Enable BLF function then click the check mark in the top right corner to Save.
  • To create a Speed Dial or BLF of an existing Contact you can click the Silhouette in the top right corner.
  • To add a picture for the Speed Dial or BLF click the Camera icon in the top right corner.

5. History

View your Mobile App call history and redial by clicking on the Caller ID name/number. To view additional information, click the information bubble on the right side.

6. Contacts

View your Portal Contacts and if the app has permission you will also find your mobile phone contacts. To switch between Portal and mobile contacts, click on Portal Contacts or Address Book in the top right corner. Click the magnifying glass to search for a specific contact.

After granting the app permission to view your mobile phone contacts, please close out of your app and reopen to load all contacts.

7. Messages

Send and receive chat and text messages. The blue bubble indicator, above the Messages button on the Navigation Bar, will indicate how many unread messages you have.

To start a new chat or text message, click on the green icon with +, enter the full 10 digit number or select a colleague from the contact list. Click the text bar at the bottom to add your message. The paper clip icon will allow you to attach an image. To send your message, click the Send button.

8. Voicemail

From the Voicemail section you can listen, save, delete, and forward messages. To add or edit existing Voicemail greetings, select Settings and scroll down until you locate greetings.





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