Level365 Softphone for iOS

Welcome to the User Guide for your iOS Level365 Softphone. This guide is designed to help you use your Mobile App effectively and get the most out of its features. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions to using your Mobile App to make and receive calls, access voicemail, and more.

At this time Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) must be disabled for your first login, after you login MFA can be enabled again.

Click Here to be directed to the Apple App Store.



Installation Instructions

Go to App Store and search for Level365 Softphone. Ensure Level365 is the Owner and matches our logo.

  1. Click Get
  2. Enter in account login for install if needed

Login Instructions

In order to login you will need the following:

  • Portal Username (example: 123@company.com)
  • Portal Password

After entering in the above login credentials click Sign in.

Upon first login you will be prompted to Allow or Don't Allow permissions. For the Mobile App to properly work we require Microphone permission be Allowed. The Microphone permission will not prompt until your first call.

Contacts: This will allow you to view your contacts from your mobile phone within the Mobile App. This permission can easily be Enabled or Disabled at anytime.


iOS Push Notifications

There are three types of alerts that you may receive regarding the expiration of push notifications. These alerts occur after periods of inactivity. Once the push notifications expire, your device will no longer receive call notifications. Logging back into the Level365 Softphone Mobile App on your device will rectify this. Here are the alerts you may receive:

  • Message 1: "Account [your user name] is still receiving calls, but will expire soon. Tap here or open the app to continue receiving Pushed calls."
    • This notification is sent 12 hours and one hour before push notifications expire.


  • Message 2: "Account [your user name] is about to expire on the push server soon."
    • This notification is sent when push notifications are just about to expire.


  • Message 3: "Due to long inactivity, account [your user name] is no longer receiving calls. Tap here or open the app to continue receiving Pushed calls."
    • This notification is sent when push notifications have already expired.

To ensure your Desktop Softphone and/or Mobile App receives incoming calls, we recommend using Simultaneous Ring (Sim Ring) in your Answering Rules. This ring strategy sends calls to all of your devices to give you the flexibility to answer a call from any of your devices. By default Sim Ring is enabled. To learn more about Answering Rules click on the article below:

Answering Rules - Call Forwarding, Simultaneous Ring (Sim Ring), Just Ring Extension


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