Conference Calls and Conference Bridges

There are 2 different types of conference calls.  There is a normal 3 party conference call and there is a conference bridge.


Normal 3 party conference call:

  • If you have an active call on the line and you need to bring a third party onto the call, hit the CONFRNC soft key on the phone. This will place your existing call on hold.
  • Dial the desired number or internal extension number that you wish to conference, which creates a private call with you and the number dialed.
  • To bring the two calls together, just hit the CONFRNC button again, which conferences all 3 parties together.



Conference Bridge:

A conference bridge allows people inside and outside your company to participate in a conference call.  Conference bridges can support many more participants than a normal conference call.  The number of participants is determined by bandwidth limitations.  There are additional fees that apply to a conference bridge, so please contact your sales or account representative for more details.

There are two different types of bridges.


Dedicated: These bridges have their own extension. They can be reached by dialing this extension internally, assigning a DID to the bridge for external callers, and from an Auto-Attendant.


Owned: These bridges are tied to specific user accounts. When logged into the portal with a user account which 'owns' a conference bridge, you will see Conferences in your home screen and navigation bar.

Clicking the Conference button will take you to the conference page, where you can add extensions or external numbers to a conference, change bridge settings, and view reports relating to the bridge.

Adding a number to a conference will place a call to the specified number and, if answered, will place them into the conference without them needing to enter a participant PIN.

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