Conference Calls and Conference Bridges

There are 2 different types of conference calls.  There is a normal 3 party conference call and there is a conference bridge.


Normal 3 party conference call:

  • If you have an active call on the line and you need to bring a third party onto the call, hit the CONFRNC soft key on the phone. This will place your existing call on hold.
  • Dial the desired number or internal extension number that you wish to conference, which creates a private call with you and the number dialed.
  • To bring the two calls together, just hit the CONFRNC button again, which conferences all 3 parties together.


Conference Bridge:

A conference bridge allows people inside and outside your company to participate in a conference call.  Conference bridges can support many more participants than a normal conference call.  The number of participants is determined by bandwidth limitations.  There are additional fees that apply to a conference bridge, so please contact your sales or account representative for more details.

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