Sending Recorded Messages to Offnet Numbers via Simultaneous Ring

Level365 provides the option of recording a message so that an offnet number can be notified who the call is coming from. For example, a salesperson may have their simultaneous ring set to include an answering service while they are on vacation. They can record a message to the effect of "You have a call from Salesperson of Example Company", so the answering service would know the proper way to answer the call.  


To set this feature up, login to the Portal.

Click the Answering Rules icon in the navigation bar.

Click the Edit button for the Answering Rule to apply the feature to, or click Add Rule to create a new Answering Rule.


Check the Simultaneous ring and the Answer confirmation for offnet numbers checkboxes.

Enter a number into the field, and select how long to wait before ringing the desired number. (Leave at 0 to ring the offnet number immediately)

The Confirmation Audio options should now appear, to record a message, click the Record icon.

Enter a number to receive a call and click the Call to Record and record the message. This can be an offnet 10-digit number or an extension within your organization.

Once the recording is made, the control buttons for the Confirmation Audio appear.

  1. Plays the recorded message through your computer's speakers/headset.
  2. Downloads the message as a .wav file.
  3. Records a new message.
  4. Deletes the current recording.


After the recording plays for the receiving party, they will hear an automated prompt to press 1 to accept the call.

Message play time is counted towards total ring time allowed by the Answering Rules.

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