International Calling Guide

This guide will assist you with activating international calling and how to dial internationally.

By default, accounts on Level365 do not have international calling activated.

In order to enable international calling on your account, please complete the International Toll Call Responsibility form HERE.

After the form has been completed, please submit a ticket to Support for your account and include which country you're needing to contact.


How to Dial Internationally

To dial internationally you must know the country code of the number you're calling.

Click HERE for a website that provides an easy to use interface to find the country code for any country.

Follow the below dialing steps:

  1. Exit Code
  2. Country Code
  3. Area Code + Number
  4. To help prevent toll fraud you may be asked to enter your password (Voicemail PIN) after dialing the full number to authenticate your call.

Some countries may be restricted, please reach out to Level365 Support if you encounter any issues dialing internationally.


See example below:





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