Site Manager Role

The Site Manager role can perform administrative tasks over a given site, which is defined during the creation of objects or edited in afterwards. These users have the same permissions as Office Managers, but with a limited scope.

You must have Office Manager permissions to complete this article. If you do not or are unsure, please contact support.

Assigning a user Site Manager permissions

At this time, only Level365 support can grant Site Manager permissions to users. Please contact Support to have a user's permissions updated.

Defining Sites

After logging in to the Portal, start by defining which objects will be assigned to the Site. Browse to the object and in the Site field, enter the name of the Site. If the Site itself has not already been created/defined, a New tag will appear next to the entry. Otherwise select from the auto-complete list.

Saving an object with a new site forces the creation of that site. You can also create Sites by browsing to the Users pane, selecting the Sites tab, and clicking Add Site. The Sites tab is where you can edit existing Sites' options by clicking the Site's name.

When selecting the 911 Caller ID for a site, ensure the address is correct in the Inventory > 911 Numbers repository. If a user will be created under this Site that is not at the default Site address, manually select the number with the correct address.

Once objects have been identified as belonging to a Site, and a user assigned as Site Manager, they can then perform any task an Office Manager could in relation to those objects. See the Office Manager section for more information on available functions.

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