Sending Texts/SMS from the portal

Your number must be enabled for Text Messages, reach out to Support if you do not have access.

This article will demonstrate how to send a text message (SMS) from the portal.


First log into with your portal log in credentials.   Next, Navigate at the bottom right to your Contacts list.

  1. Clicking 1 will expand the Contacts window.
  2. Clicking 2 will pop the Contacts window out.

For Texting, you will want to click on option 1 to expand the Contacts and not pop out the window.

Once you expand the Contacts window it is important that you see the little text bubble(square).  This indicates that you have texting enabled. If you move your mouse over this icon, it will say, "Start a new Conversation"  If you do not see this icon, then please contact the Level365 sales team and they can walk you through the ordering process.

After clicking on the "Start a new conversation" icon, this window will appear.  At the bottom you will see the phone number you are texting from.  If you have multiple text enabled DID's, you can select them from this drop down as well.

In the "Search for contacts" field, please type in the 10 digit number of a SMS enabled phone number, type your message and click return to send!

Incoming texts will also appear on this same page.

Important Note: To find your texts after the fact please navigate to Messages at the top then select "Chat and SMS"  You can also initiate a text from here, by clicking on New Conversation. Messages left unread for 5 minutes will generate an email to the recipient with a transcript of the previous ten messages in the conversation.

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