Voice mail **In Depth Guide**

There are several different ways to access one's voice mail. This article will explain the different ways to access voice mail and take an in-depth look at the voice mail tree.

Most phones have a voice mail button already.  Depending on the model of phone, it might be a soft button or a hard button.  It might have a envelope symbol or say 'message' or 'messages.'  If you have multiple line appearances registered to your phone, you will be prompted to select which extension's voice mail you wish to access.

If you know the extension number of the voice mail you wish to access, but are having trouble connecting to it, please follow this quick guide to accessing voicemail found here.

If you wish to learn how to access your voice mails through the web portal, please read this article.

Once you log into your voice mail box.  There are several options available to you inside the voice mail tree. Not only can you listen to new and saved messages, you can also send voice messages to other voice mail boxes in your company.  Also, you can set call forwarding  and change your greeting as well as record your name which populates the company directory.

I have included the full voice mail tree diagram in this article to better illustrate its functionality.

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