Voice mail **Quick Guide**

If you are ever having trouble accessing the correct voicemail box, here is a handy shortcut.

Call extension 5000.  This is your company's starting point to the voicemail system. All of your company's voicemail boxes can be accessed by calling extension 5000 if you have the proper credentials.

For example:

When you call extension 5000, you will hear the operator say, "Please enter your account number".  This is prompting you for the voicemail box you wish to access.

Lets enter '600' here as this is the extension of our general voice mail box and then press #.  Now the operator will say, "Please enter your password, followed by the 'pound' key".  Now just enter the password and follow the menu prompts to access the voicemail

Voicemail Transfer

Voicemail transfer goes straight to the recipient’s voicemail box without ringing the recipient’s phone. To complete this action, perform a blind transfer with a 99 prefix before the extension. For example: we are going to send a caller directly to extension 201’s voicemail, you will blind transfer to 99201.

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