Accessing voicemail through the portal

This article will walk you through accessing your voicemail in the Portal.

Start by browsing to the Portal at and logging in with your credentials.

From the home screen, you can see new messages right away.

Notice the six buttons to the right. These buttons will allow you to manage your voicemail.

In order from left to right they are:

  • Call to Play - This feature will ring your assigned phone and play the specified voicemail.
  • Forward - Allows you to forward voicemails to another user's voice mailbox.
  • Download - Downloads the voicemail to your local computer's storage as a .wav file.
  • Transcription - Displays a text transcription of the message. This feature may not be enabled for all users; if you do not have the button, reach out to your Office Manager.
  • Save - Moves the voicemail to the Saved Messages folder.
  • Delete - This button will move the message to the Trash folder, which is cleared out daily.

You can also access and manipulate your voicemails via the Messages tab.

From here you have the same options as before (notice in this example text transcription is disabled) and you also have access to the different aforementioned folders. You can change which folder you are viewing by clicking the drop-down arrow.

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