Utilizing Chat Within The Portal

Chat between peers is a readily available feature within the Portal. You can chat individually or in a group, and collaborate by sending images, files, and video chatting.

Start by browsing to the Portal and logging in.

On the right side of the screen will be your contacts list, hovering your mouse over a user will reveal three icons.

Clicking the Camera icon will start a Video Collaboration session which you can then add users to. See the Video Collaboration article for more information.

To initiate a chat, click the chat bubble icon. Clicking the phone icon will place a call from your primary phone to the user's primary phone.

You can also initiate a chat by clicking the Messages button along the top navigation bar, then selecting Chat and SMS. From here you can click New Conversation to initiate a chat, or reply to existing chats.

In the chat pane, you can use the following functions:

  1. Add a user to the chat, creating a group chat.
  2. Initiate a Video Collaboration session. (It is necessary to then add the desired user into the session)
  3. Place a call to the user.
  4. Mute/delete the conversation.
  5. Send emojis.
  6. Attach files.
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