Initial Voicemail Setup

To setup your voicemail greeting, there are two options. Logging into your voicemail from your phone for the first time will prompt you to record a greeting, or you can set the greeting from within the Portal.

Phone Setup

To setup your initial greeting, log into your voicemail from the phone by picking up the handset and pressing the message button (this can be labeled "Message" or with an envelope icon). Or, if you are doing this from the Level365 Mobile Connect app, place a call to 5001.

Enter your voicemail PIN followed by the pound key.

You will be prompted to record your name first. This is what will play when utilizing the dial by directory feature.

After recording your name, you will be prompted to record your voicemail greeting.


Portal Setup

Start by browsing to the Portal at and logging in with your credentials.

Click the Messages button.

Select the Settings tab.

In the Greetings section click the Manage button for Voicemail Greeting.

From this menu you can choose to utilize text-to-speech, upload a pre-recorded .wav or .mp3 file to use as your greeting, or record one by calling a phone.


 For more information on utilizing Text-To-Speech, see the Text-To-Speech article.


To upload, ensure the upload radio button is selected and click Browse.

Select the .wav or .mp3 file from your computer.

Click Upload.


To record a new greeting, ensure the record radio button is selected.

In the "Call me at" field, you can enter an external number or an extension.

Enter a name for your greeting. (This name is only visible to you and will not impact your recording.)

Click call. The number specified will ring and prompt for a greeting.

The greeting will now appear in the "Manage Greetings" list.

Click Done. If this is the only greeting in your account, the system will choose it by default.


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