Persistent Voicemail Reminders

Persistent Voicemail Reminders can be added by request. Please reach out to Level365 Support if you would like this feature added to your organization.

Reminders via text message require a text messaging enabled number on your account.

Persistent Voicemail Reminders are a feature that persistently send notifications alerting recipients of NEW voicemails. These reminders will continue at configured intervals until the voicemails are either Saved or Deleted. This feature is useful for organizations which have on-call staff or an after hours "emergency" line.

Notifications can be sent via phone call, text message, or email. The interval in which notifications are sent is configurable on the voicemail box being monitored.



Once Persistent Voicemail Reminders are enabled for an organization, every premium account will have access to utilize these reminders.

To access these reminders, log in to the Level365 Web App and navigate to the Settings tab under Messages. The Persistent Voicemail Reminder settings will be at the bottom within the Notifications section.

All reminders will be disabled by default. To enable a specific type of reminder, check the box for each type of notification you would like to use.  Multiple reminder types can be used simultaneously.

Once a reminder type is selected, the corresponding recipient fields will allow you add destinations for your reminders.

Please be aware, in order for Persistent Voicemail Reminders to function, the "After Email Notification" setting must be set to "Leave as New"

In addition, notifications are not retroactive. They will only alert for voicemails left AFTER reminders have been turned on for a specific mailbox.

Phone Reminders
  • Phone reminders are an automated phone call. These calls will let the recipient know how many NEW messages there are and will also allow them to log into the voicemail box to check messages.
  • You can add up to 5 recipients by clicking the green plus sign
  • Recipients must be entered as 10 or 11 digit phone numbers. Extensions can not be entered.


Text Message (SMS) Reminders
  • SMS reminders simply inform the recipients they have X number of NEW messages.
  • You can add up to 5 recipients by clicking the green plus sign
  • SMS reminders do not allow a recipient to interact with voicemail messages directly. Recipients will need to check messages from a Level365 device or log into the Level365 Web App
Email Reminders
  • Email reminders will send emails for each NEW message individually
  • You can add up to 5 recipient emails by clicking the green plus sign
  • If transcription is enabled, the transcription will be present in these notifications
  • Clicking the Listen button will open your web browser and prompt you to log into the Level365 Web App
  • Clicking the Save or Delete buttons, will move the message to either your Saved or Deleted folder within your voicemail box.



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